If you are reading this, you’ve come by a blog being written about the many trials and tribulations of growing, propagating, and enjoying ALL things succulents.

A bit about me:

I am a budding (hehe), self proclaimed, horticulturist, whom is working towards gaining a better knowledge of the vast array of beautiful succulents this planet has to offer. I intend to research and share as much about succulents as I can, in order to not only become more familiar with them myself, but to also include you in the process.

I have no formal training, but feel that one of the best methods to learning, is by applying oneself and jumping into the experience. This ties in with my current place of employment – I work as a florist in a plant / flower shop, located in an up and coming city of Saskatchewan, Canada.

My house is loud, with two crazy, loving little girlies, and an amazingly supportive husband. Not to mention, a pup, 2 cats, and an array of fish. I hope to someday move to an acreage, where we can accommodate an even larger family.


Please note that while I will do my diligence to ensure that all of the information I share and discuss in this blog will be to the best of my knowledge and research ability, I cannot guarantee that it will yield the same results for your situation.

I am new to blogging, so please go easy on me. I look forward to this new venture, as well as providing myself with a bit of motivation to learn more about these awesome little (and big) plants! Happy reading, friends 🙂